What is it?

Volantia is a kingdom management game about piecing together the fragments of a shattered continent, set in a greenpunk world where technology is grown and cared for.

It is a cute game about building, optimizing and exploring.

Gameplay Basics


Where is it?

It takes place on the brink of a second calalmity, on floating islands among the clouds.

Reveal Trailer

Story Trailer



Volantia was available exclusively for Humble Monthly Bundle subscribers in September 2017.

It will be released on other digital stores in early 2018.

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Who's making it?

We are Tangled Mess Games

A small indie studio from Cape Town that collaborates with talented people

While the team of talented contractors shifts to meet the needs of whatever we're working on, the core team that conceived of Volantia is:
Marc (@ThatAequitas), Robbie (@squidcor) and Dorianne (@damousey). Marc and Robbie did all the design and programming, while Dorianne made it look so pretty! We're not that old. But by South African standards we're just about veterans of the game industry with a good number of large and small game releases under our collective belts.



The working prototype was made in two months at Stugan 2016, but wasn't quite ready to send out into the wild.
We were going to release what we had at the end of Stugan for free, or perhaps try crowdfunding.

Luckily, we managed to contact Humble, and they decided to give us some small scale funding to finish the current version.