Tangled Mess Games
Based in Cape Town, South Africa

Release date:
Early 2018

PC / Mac


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Volantia is a kingdom management game about piecing together the scattered fragments of a continent in order to forge a prosperous new society amongst the clouds.

It is a game about building, optimizing and exploring.

The game positions you as the leader of a green-punk society on a tiny piece of floating earth. To expand and save your people you must scout for new chunks of land to be rotated and grafted onto your existing landmass. You will be constantly designing your island as you build the kingdom that resides upon it.

Efficient design will become crucial as you research new technologies and start producing more complex goods. Space comes at a premium and maintaining a stable income to ensure an optimal flow of goods around the kingdom will be tricky.

To make matters worse, this is a world that is always on the edge of collapsing! To prevent the inevitable sundering, your new citizens must explore and discover the mysterious floating Zardim. They hold the power to keep the land afloat!

Volantia is a game for the both the most hardcore engineers and the most zen-like sandbox players among us. Both can build an island that they are really proud of!


Team Story

Volantia was conceived by three indies from the southern tip of Africa. We used to work together when we made the IGF award winning Desktop Dungeons. Shortly after Desktop Dungeons we spent a week making a prototype of a small management game we referred to as Sky Islands.

Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control, the team had to split up and we all went our separate ways. We didn't forget about Sky Islands though. We didn't have the means, but we really wanted keep working on it. We had something of a "creative need to see this baby born".

A year passed by.

And then! Huzzah! We were ecstatic to hear we'd been picked to take part in the Stugan games accelerator program! We were unbelievably grateful to have the opportunity to spend two months in the Swedish woods working on our game. It was an incredible experience that changed our lives (I really mean that) and none of us will ever forget it. We're also extremely proud of what we made too. It was a super productive time.

The game was unfinished though. We were planning to release the Stugan prototype for free, and see if anyone liked it, but after showing it to some Game Dev friends, we were convinced it should be worth something. Suddenly we needed funding.

Whether through luck or providence, we managed to secure some small scale funding from Humble Bundle. This prompted the creation of Tangled Mess Games, whicj let us bring in talented collaborators and finish the game!

We are: Marc (@ThatAequitas), Dorianne (@damousey) and Robbie(@squidcor). Marc and Robbie did all the design and programming, while Dorianne made it look so pretty! We're not that old. But by South African standards we're just about veterans of the game industry with a good number of large and small game releases under our collective belts.


  • Build your landmass as you go
  • Puzzle out the balance of land and building placement
  • Randomly generated islands mean you never play the same scenario twice
  • Keep your kingdom from crumbling into the clouds by discovering monoliths
  • A calm, dynamic soundtrack


Reveal Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Story Trailer YouTube


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About Tangled Mess Games

A small indie studio from Cape Town that collaborates with talented people.

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Volantia Credits

Marc Luck
Code, Game Design, Project Management

Robbie Fraser
Code, Game Design

Dorianne Dutrieux

Daoyi Liu

Ivo Sissolak
Sound and Music

Tarryn van der Byl
Writing and Story

Cowanbunga Industries


Marc Luck

Robbie Fraser

Dorianne Dutrieux

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